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Wow! 12 Donna Rhodenizer songs all in one place, providing quick access to repertoire for a variety of performance needs in your school or organization. Donna’s 35 years as an elementary music specialist are very evident as she crafts songs with characters that become well-loved friends and memorable melodies that students love and request to sing again and again. The songs in this collection are written with appropriate vocal ranges for children. The lyrics are age-appropriate and range from thoughtful to witty, tugging at the heart strings or stimulating the imagination. The difficulty level ranges across K-6 assuring there is a song for everyone. Repertoire can be used for Veteran’s day (I’m Wishing), character trait education (Splashing in the Puddles -optimism), thematic units (Penguins), social awareness and community (We are the Children of the World), imagination (Computer Cat) and empathy (My Hamster) to name but a few of the topics covered.

Song Collection

Get Instant Access to:

  • 12 songs
  • Student vocal scores
  • Full piano accompaniments with guitar chords
  • Separate lyrics pages
  • (89 pages)
  • Permission to copy all student pages as required within the school/choir/organization making the purchase). 

Teacher's Resource

Get all items in the song collection (12 songs, scores and lyrics pages), PLUS:

  • 178 cross curricular activities – encompassing fine arts (music, art and drama), language arts, science, social studies, math, physical activity and technology.
  • Sub friendly activities
  • Composer anecdotes and reflections
  • (213 pages)
  • Permission is granted to copy all student pages for the school/choir/organization making the purchase. Music will be stamped at checkout to verify legal copy status.

The purchaser of this download is given reproduction rights with their purchase and may make copies as required for all student pages in the book.

As proof of purchase/legal copy the personal information you provide will be used at checkout to create a stamp on the bottom of your music.

Donna’s years as a music teacher provided the initiative to create and offer good quality music at a reasonable price to her teaching peers. Please honour our efforts to offer you print music RRMs at this low price by making copies for only your organization. When other choirs or groups are inspired by your performance, please direct them to our website so they may also purchase a wonderful RRM copy of their own!

Information you fill out when you order will be used to create a stamp on the bottom of your printed music. This will verify that you have a legal printed copy of your music.

Audio Tracks

Best Friends - Instrumental (Sample)
Cha Cha Cha - Instrumental Demo
Cha Cha Cha - Instrumental Demo
Preview the full performance track
Preview the full performance trackFRENCH